Women in Logic

We are a group for women in Logic: philosophical, mathematical, computational, or any other kind of formal logic!

A little bit about us:

*For quick communication and collaboration we also use a Slack Workspace. If you would like to join us, write an email to one of us and we will add you to the workspace.


Women in Logic (WiL) aims to provide a forum that brings together women working on logical issues, from foundations of computer science to philosophy, including mathematical logic, logics for AI and logical approaches to language. Our goal is to enhance the experience of women in logic and closely related areas, making achievements of women in logic known to these communities, and thereby increasing the number of women in logic.

Our flagship event is the annual WiL Workshop. We're now in our 7th Workshop Women in Logic, scheduled to happen in Rome, Italy on 1st June 2023, associated with FSCD 2023.

You can read about our previous workshops or you can visit their websites using the links below. You can see some of the data we collected showcasing the disregard for women in academia. We appreciate any comments and suggestions that you may have to make this website better. Please write to us at wil.info22@gmail.com.

Thank you for all you do to improve the situation for women in Logic,

Valeria, Sandra and Juliet

(for the network)

Women in Logic Workshop:

The WiL Workshop provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the valuable contributions made by women in the area of logic in computer science. Its main purpose is to promote the excellent research done by women, with the ultimate goal of increasing their visibility and representation in the community. Our aim is to:

  • provide a platform for female researchers to share their work and achievements;

  • increase the feelings of community and belonging, especially among junior faculty, post-docs and students through positive interactions with peers and more established faculty;

  • establish new connections and collaborations;

  • foster a welcoming culture of mutual support and growth within the logic research community.

We believe these aspects will benefit women working in logic and computer science, particularly students and early-career researchers.

We Acknowledge the Support of:

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Topos Institute.

We thank Tim Hosgood for much technical help!